Wednesday, June 2, 2010

what i said today....

on the agenda, part 1:
after my awakening, we eat breakfast, post videos, support activists, &
steam broccolli..

on the agenda, part 2:
kung foo grip @ the vera project
june 4th w/ THEESatisfaction & new Gabe Teiodros project
kung foo grip @ the vera project
june 2oth w/ macklemore, others TBA
kung foo grip @ Tost
june 25th w/ the Nightcaps, plus thad wenatchee deejay set
thad wenatchee's workout video @ the Rendezvous/ Jewelbox Theater
june 26th w/ the Nightcaps & Major Street Project

...and just announced:
thad wenatchee & his rad comrades perform @ the Grotto saturday,
SEPTEMBER 4th for quite the gathering.. including Kung Foo Grip, JC
Flyer, Kelly Castle Scott, Deejay Miss Ashley, & new music from thad
wenatchee's new album 'my dot is my own to keep'... PLUS, special
guests (tba)

we are chewing on bamboo, duplicating discs, staying ultra-relevant, we
speak amongst each other, sometimes close to microphones..