Saturday, July 17, 2010

'lover's quarrel'

natural beat riders/ lighting up the sky/ comparison to naked guns
leaves ammunition high/ brights flash double in my eyes/ seeing streaks/
as the pattern/ comes more well-defined/ the pie is in focus & the
groups have been warned/ charted/ sworn in/ audited & scorned/
disparaged/ flown/ soaring over hectacres learning/ flavoring the
current/ drying out resources/ as nartural as occurrance/ accrument was
heard underfoot & thru word/ don't mistake the fact think we weren't
purturbed/ to all those whom it needed to be heard/ warrants for
exposure as i break into your home/ lone ranger on the telagram/ no
cod's for speaker cones x 2/ i loaned my last gun to the hope of the
wanted/ and i wanted it so bad that my flauntin came demonstrative/
acting as my father did/ combined with my mom/ i'm searching for a place
as if i needed two tom's/ and i have nothing on/ underneath my layers/
old time perpatrators/ got jiggled now & played tight-knit later/ was
born a hesitator/ lecturing with words/ wrested from the ground/
auspiciously recorded & then nestled in a sound/ the love ain't ready
for my pronouns/ as i leap out from the centipede/ & proceed to kiss the
ground/ home be the home when your body comes around/ pepper for the
salt & grill the onions till they brown/ talks amongst each other/ and
put a spirit down/ let your guard down/ and let the guarded know/ yo!/
we don't got to fornicate!/ just let me act a clown/ my best/ stuff
ain't written down/ it's just grasped tight by tenticles/ multiple &
intricate/ loaded centrifical/ measured by science till brian's in my
eye/ i know the score and margin and i know the reasons why/ like shapes
of rocks & boulders/ shapen to the order that disorder conjures
challenge/ and wrote it's marching orders/ ordering the storied/ and
lacking for a better story/ turned us all around/ three times on a dime/
but i'm woofing down my tweeters/ that's where the antidote is found/
mmmmm/ what's that odar/ let's take our phõ to order/ and crack our
ipa's/ split the dutchey/ split a quarter/ amongst sherpas & porters/
spit like it was torture/ scientested minds/ contested intersections/
cross sectioned jobs & crime/ on the days araaaignment/ how did my
money spend it/ coulda used a broker/ but i ordered fly shoes/ to reside
next to rules/ sniff out there use/ resharpen my tools & inventory
memories/ drop to my knees & grab another lp.