Tuesday, December 14, 2010

all 9o's golden era hip-hop show TODAY on Hollow Earth Radio

i'll be substituting like Ricky Pierce this afternoon for DJ Knuckle
Supper @ 5PM on his 'My So-Called Show' show @
let the boombox do what it's suppossed to as i'll be bumping all 9o's
hip-hop, celebrating a simplier time in a genre that even my Momma knows
has succumbed to chauvanism, egotism, a label/brand-name neurosis, and
a bunch of mediocre remixes that Alan Thicke's son sings the chorus

hip-hop used to want to change everything.
let's remember.

tune in for 2pac, de la soul, MC Breed, 3rdbass. and many things in

thad wenatchee on the 'My So-Called Show' show..
today @ 5pm
ONLY on www.hollowearthradio.org