Thursday, December 16, 2010

thad wenatchee's fave stuff of MMX..

1.  Thee Oh Sees - my friends Nick & Raven turned me on to this San
Francisco-based band recently, and we've seen them twice in the past 5
months.  they are rawkus, they are surf, they are garage, they are
incredibly entertaining/ loud/ hot/ dirty.  the lead singer, John
Dewer, drools and spits a lot on stage.  the keyboardist, she is a
babe...  C'EST CHAUD.
my jam is called "Meat Step Lively".  watch the video on youtube.  it's amazing.
Thee Oh Sees' Meat Step Lively (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

2.  THEESatisfaction & S. Funkee - my buddies JC Fly, F is H, Kelly
Castle Scott, and i had the privelage to open for them at the Heathly
Times Fun Club this summer and was awash with inspiration..  when we
got to the HTFC,  S. Funkee's pre-show set-up, his mad scientest
beatmaking laboratory equiptment took up pretty much the entire
stage..  once my friends & i had finished our opening set, i figured
john cage was going to hit the stage. But it was the equally
incomprable S. Funkee who rocked & rolled & sequenced & triggered his
way into my robotic heart...  forever.
soon after, when THEESatisfaction dropped the Sa-Ra Collective
produced remix of "Bisexual", i flipped my wig like Dolly Parton doing
gymnastics.  the beats, the singing, the lyrics, the flavor..  they
made me feel proud i was from the 2o6.  hardly anything of theirs that
i've listened to since, i wouldn't classify as excellent.  do not sleep.  they are not pillows.
S. Funkee's blog
THEESatisfaction's soundcloud page

3.  Flying Lotus' "Do the Astral Plane" & Of Montreal's "I am a Happy
Yellow Bumblebee" - both of these songs struck a hard, sophistocated,
yet playful tone with my soulfulness.  i discovered them both right
about the same time this year and have not been able to get either one
out of my mind's rotation thru MMX.
Flying Lotus' website
Of Montreal's website

4.  Shabazz Palaces' "Barksdale Corners" - a group whose 2 albums they
released in 2oo9 were on most everybodies top-ten list for last
year...  this local duo has signed recently with Seattle-based Sub Pop
records and has released this song in advance of another scheduled
album, hopefully to be released on time, which i don't know when that
is.  find this song and listen to it.
Shabazz Palaces' website

5.  the Grouch & Eligh's G & E - fantastic album.  i have been a fan
of the Grouch's since 2oo1 and have enjoyed quite a bit of the
material released by both of these fellas and thier world-renowned
crew, Living Legends.
on a date this spring with a beautiful young lady, we saw the Grouch &
Eligh perform at Neumos and bought the album.  the show, my first time
seeing either one of those emcees, was off the chain, for real.  the
album is uplifting, interesting, extremely well-produced, and
relevant.  both are grown men in thier late 3o's and role-models for a
fella like myself.  also, for you.  check it out.
their record label's website

6.  my homie Limerence and i had a shared 4am drunken vision of a
giant bald eagle trapped in his livingroom, trying to fight his way
past us, and back out into open spaces..  we laughed so hard,
describing how the eagle would cut the crap out of us with his talons,
slash our throats, flapping it's 8+ ft wingspan in his modest Fremont
apartment's livingroom from end to end, knocking us to the floor..  i
don't know if this makes  much sense, but that night, we soaked
ourselves in the humble reality that man is not all that bad-ass.  we
are relatively fragile, highly sensitive, moody, needy creatures that
can do very little on our own two feet without the collective help of
our fellow man AND the animal kingdom.  a lesson built for us all.
and also, don't bring an eagle over to your house:  they get
Limerence's soundcloud page

7.  the new M.I.A. album, Maya, is filthy, i believe.  her gutter
cyber-punk, hybrid anti-establishment/gotta gets mines-type attitude
coupled with her controversial video for her Suicide-sampled single
"Born Free" put her into the category of the world's most responsible
artist...  coupling wild, genre-splitting electronic music and
world-wise lyrics dealing with politics, the voiceless majority, and
the global paranoia in which we all are a part makes her newest
release an important addition to what we'll just call "the Movement".
 her live shows, i've heard, are rather mediocre..  don't worry about
that.  she's studio:  minus one point.
M.I.A.'s website

8.  JC Fly's Too Many Ex's, Not Enough Oh's & Kung Foo Grip's Make
Moves EP - yes, JC Fly is on my record label.  yes, JC Fly is ma
pat'na.  yes, i recorded, mixed, and did the art work for Kung Foo
Grip's album.  yes, i've known JC Fly for years.  yes, i've had the
pleasure of rolling with Kung Foo Grip for the summer.  but, those
things just serve to make their latest releases all the more vital to
my top ten of MMX.  i believe in these fellas more than i believe in
myself, in many ways.  their spirits are strong, thier content is
crucial, thier hearts are open.  for a jilted old man like myself,
they inspired me to truely throw my hat back into the ring.  thank you
boyz, and i will do my best to work for you fellas in the years to
peep them both on soundcloud:

9.  the Gossip's "Are You That Somebody" (LIVE in Liverpool) - i was
turned on to several of these folks' albums earlier this year by my
friend, Ian S., and i listen to this song at least once every few
weeks.   it's an Aaliyah cover; a song in
which Aaliyah herself made into a classic of classics.  listen to the
song before  and/or after you go out drinking.  or when you wanna to
feel wanted by someone special.
the Gossip's Are You That Somebody (LIVE in Liverpool) on youtube

1o.  Antony & the Johnsons' "Free at Last" - beautiful, simple,
elegant, whole-hearted.  thank you for the heads up, Pán..
Antony & the Johnsons' website

honorable mention:  Lykki Li, Prince's "I Wanna be Your Lover",
Limerence's MMX mix, Lorenzo Romar, Chris Whitley's "Home is Where You
Get Across", Rory Gannon's "Janine", a dream i had in which i fought
off several deatheaters with relative ease & supreme confidence,
Deee-Lite's "Call Me", Hudson Mohawke, Slick Rick, Young Montana?,
Zomby & Actress, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, diplo's twitter
feed, the Nightcaps, INXS, the Books' "A Cold Freezin' Night", Flying
Lotus' "Unexpected Delight featuring Laura Darlington", Beruit (the
band), Dudley Perkins' "Come Here My Dear", deadelus' "Girls featuring
Busdriver & Abstract Rude", Christopher Robinson's book "the
Shotputter", Machinedrum's Want to 1 2? album, Mellow Jeremy's
"Elevator", Jon Manning's facebook status updates from the Pacific
Place help desk, Micheal Phillips' SPAM SUBJECT LINE OF THE DAY, and
the future......

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