Monday, July 16, 2012

thurs AUGUST 2nd @ the Sunset Tavern

Jesus Chris
DJ Miss Ashley

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roll thru and kick it with us.
talent and showmanship and activity.
we will hop your socks off.

PAC-NW up and coming talent showcased at this fine establishment on a causal thursday evening in Ballard. Join us and Ruminate Bigtime features DJ Limerence on the tables, Casey Beamon on bass guitar, and fronted by vocalist Kelly Castle Scott and emcee thad wenatchee. Electro Soul Hop : Future Humanity meets Right Now! Emcee and Producer Jesus Chris Willis keeps it simple and keeps it fresh. No doubt about it, he needs to be seen. Come and Enjoy his unique ability to trigger beats, rap on top of tracks, and sing, mostly at the same time. One of Bellingham's several up-and-coming bright lights. 3rdegree of NIGHTCAPPERS fame showcases his LIVE solo ability to wreck shop and spin tales. His visual lyrics accompanied by uber-classic hip-hop production lends itself to an all-around entertaining and enjoyable experience. Watch 3rdegree's live presence and veteran status shine through. and Betes is just gonna kill it. He grabs the mic and wrecks shop on beats he made himself. He's a Local Myth, quietly on the come up, shakin and bakin and meditatin, Workin on his first Demo Tape. Do Not Miss Out. KEXP's DJ Miss Ashley with be stabilizing the evening, Opening and Closing the show, spinning vinyl till your cab shows up.