Saturday, March 2, 2013

tomorrow on the rad comrades show

tomorrow. Sunday.
March 3rd on the thad wenatchee & his rad comrades show, we have a very special guest(s) : Guerrillas in the Mix Seattle Veteran DeeJays Deep Parris and Christo Phett join me and discuss their past, present, and future; we talk higher love, freely; and we promote for their big upcoming show (the last edition of CNDYLNDIA with DJ Cotton Candy) next saturday @ the Benbow Room in beautiful West Seattle.

we'll drop cuts, explore the universe, and probably eat tacos and drink sodas out of glass bottles.
join me and my friends and learn something useful about music.

and i can assure you that we will be bringing heat to the studio. so, get your tape decks ready to REC, cause it will be worth listening to over and over again, consecutively.

see you tomorrow on the thad wenatchee & his rad comrades show.