thad heads,
hello. how are u??
i wanted to take the time to thank you for your support over the years.
i can only begin to tell you how much it means me. your respect and attention throw fuel on the creative fire.
in about a week-ish, myself and fellow comrades 3rdegree and OK will be going on a ten day west coast tour. we are ecstatic of the prospect of making new friends, sharing our works with our peers, and taking pictures in front of american landmarks.
with that in mind, i ask for your help in cushioning my financial burden by naming your price and purchasing any one of my albums on bandcamp.
among my releases are several beat tapes, perfect to enjoy during a jog at the gym; rap tracks, where i dive deep into the id; and several mixes and interviews via my radio show on Hollow Earth Radio.
any amount will make the tour that much easier for myself and my buddies as we set our sights on emoting through the american west coast.
thank you for your time.
  • thad wenatchee